Terms And Condtions 

Water Works Inc strides to provide the best service possible, please read below for our terms and conditions.

*While using a credit or debit card, processing fees apply*

For installations:

New installation customers can cancel thier proposal within 24 hours in writing without penalty for refunds. Any cancellations made after 24 hours will be per Water Works disgression on refund amount.  Water Works does contact each customer with installation date. If homeowner rescheduled within two weeks of installation they are subjected to a recheduling fee. Homeowners are allowed to reshedule installation date one time prior to the two week time frame, without penalty. Each installation is subjected to weather and permit permitting, where rescheduling can occur with no fees.  

For Service:

Water Works offers service contract that is a competitive price. The service contracts are non-refundable nor transferable. Once payment is made for service contract is when these terms and conditions are applied. Service calls must be reschedualed the day prior to arrival to avoid fees. If cancelled within two hours of arrival, homeowner is subjected to rescheduling fees. If homeowner is not home for scheduled service a "not at home" fee will be applied. 

General Information:

Homeowners are responsible for making all service appointments, including but not limited to; spring start up and fall winterization. Appointments are subjected to availabilty. Water Works does provide reminder emails as a courtesy. If homeowner unsubscribes to email reminders, reminders will not be deliverable.