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Water Works is skilled at designing unique outdoor experiences. We offer each client special one on one time to help address their individual needs and requirements. Our talented design team will then prepare a unique drawing to show you how the landscape changes will look prior to starting. We also design and install outdoor lighting to help accentuate your yard's beauty at night.


New installation services to add an irrigation system for a better lawn and garden. We build custom systems that will give you 100% coverage for your lawn.
Call 1-844-385-5599 for a quote on a sprinkler system for your newly built home or your existing yard.
We build you the best quality sprinkler system around based on our practical experience we have gained through maintaining a huge variety of sprinkler systems installed by a huge variety of installers including our own.
Trust us with the most important asset for keeping your grass green.


Having an automatic irrigation system makes watering your lawn and landscape an easy task.  In order to keep your sprinkler system working efficiently as possible, it needs periodic maintenance.  It also requires proper start up in the spring and shut down in the fall.  Our trained professionals can provide these services to you through our maintenance programs.